nemetris IIoT:

The software platform for demanding processes and solutions, not only on edge devices.

nemetris IIoT provide an integrated software approach for the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and digitalization projects. The nempy framework, Smart Industry App templates and micro services are combined together.


nemetris Smart Industry Apps provide modular software components and integrate overall distributed infrastructure – from the machines and plants to customer data centers or to the cloud. This makes it possible for companies to implement flexible end-2-end services and to continuously display the processes. The nempy framework is the technological basis and development tool for Smart Industry Apps For solutions at our partners and customers that can be easily expanded at any time. Our primary goal is to provide companies (partners and customers) precisely the software that they need for their digitalization strategy.


Edge / Fog Computing

  • Smart Industry Apps (with local data storage) on smart devices or local computers
  • Quick access and high availability
  • Automatic and manual recording of production, machine, process, energy and traceability data
  • Connection and Networking of local devices and their protocols
  • Integration of Smart devices
  • Offline-capable and local database
  • Open development environment for customers and partners
  • Local data visualization and analysis

Cloud Computing

  • Central Data Storage for historical and company-wide reporting, comparability of KPI, Big Data Analyses and Web Dashboards
  • Integration of additional multi-cloud services
  • Smart Cloud Apps for Cloud Functionality