Automotive Solutions.

Your success is what drives us.

Our automotive solutions form the core of our standardized solution portfolio. The current six solutions can be combined individually.
Here we provide tier 1, tier 2 producers and logistics service providers in the automotive industry with custom-fit and stable solutions for controlling their assembly, production and logistics in series production.

These are our goals:

With our product strategy, we pursue five main objectives.

  1. Automotive software with precisely fitting standardized processes for production and logistics
  2. Provide a flexible IT framework for individualization in the project context.Flexibly follow the business without leaving the standard
  3. Seamless integration - connection to all relevant systems
  4. Any deployment (,, on-premise, edge computing)
  5. Processes and architecture are designed for independent, very robust operation. Our goal is maximum process availability


nemetris JIS

an integrated JIS system that maps the entire process from production, assembly and logistics


nemetris AML

highly integrated production and machine data acquisition in series production


nemetris web dashboard

Visualize your data individually in production and provide transparency and motivation.


nemetris WMS

Keep control of your material on the shop floor. We provide support from storage to line supply.


nemetris production 

For production, decisions have to be dead on target. For this, you need the relevant information at a glance.


nemetris SAP JIS 

JIS Dashboard is a plug&play solution for all SAP JIS customers. Consolidate all relevant data into one central view - even across plants.

Always. Available.


The whole system is based on our web technology framework - nempy “any information at any time on any device”