Technology & Framework.

Innovative. Solution-oriented.

The nemetris nempy framework forms the core of our innovative solutions. We have developed our solutions on this basis.

Flexibles Framework.

  • to expand existing nemetris solutions
  • for the construction of new customized solution modules

The technologies used for this:
Innovative technologies such as Python, HTML5, CSS, OPC-UA, Odata, Modbus, MQTT and many more.

nempy Framework – the digitalization engine for smart and innovative applications for automatic and manual collection of production, machine, process, energy and traceability data, local data storage, their visualization and analysis.

Central Data Storage for historical and company-wide reporting, comparability of KPI, Big Data Analyses and Web Dashboards, smart cloud apps for cloud functions.

Keyword: Open-source cost advantage
Use of technologies: on premise, edge computing, cloud.