Just in Sequence

When one produces Just in Sequence solutions, one has to be able to handle the increasing requirements from OEMs. The production chain has to work flawlessly so that every part is provided to the OEM at just the right time and in correct sequence. There is often little time between the production-synchronous call and the production of the finished part. Everything has to run smoothly. This requires reliable and integrated solutions. There are various JIS systems with different functions. But what makes nemetris JIS so special? We have developed an integrated JIS system that maps the entire process from production, assembly and logistics!

nemetris JIS

  • fits seamlessly into existing SAP and ERP systems,
  • provides competent machine and plant integration,
  • and covers all relevant production functions,
    • e.g. machine monitoring and traceability: All serial parts can be traced in a system with all relevant information.

nemetris JIS also completely takes care of outbound logistics and does not need a backup system because of its decentralized and self-supporting operation.

nemetris JIS is a reliable and secure system with 24-hour support. Global manufacturers are already using nemetris JIS.

Rely on one system for production and logistics! nemetris - the specialist for JIS.

The individual production orders in the automotive industry are transfered via EDI (electronic data interchange). The production orders are sent at the same time as the OEM completes them and have to be processed and checked in the JIT/JIS software. Every OEM uses their own format and implementation. The nemetris EDI Engine contains various EDI implemented formats and standards. This guarantees the required flexibility and ability to expand, as well as customized solutions for special formats. An EDI Converter is not required, but can be integrated.

EDI can include for example:

  • Forecast data
  • JIT delivery schedules
  • Point of Use
  • Shipping notifications/TSL
  • Reorders
  • Traceability data

The nemetris JIS module checks the EDI data sent from the OEM and monitors that the sequence has been maintained.

The functional components here are:

  • Release and sequence check for several OEM sites or OEM production lines
  • Mandatory check
  • Rack assignment
  • Lot formation and any filling within a transport rack
  • Expansion in subassemblies
  • Extraction from picking orders or pre-sequencing control

The Label Management includes numerous standards. Our project experience has shown that these sheets and labels have to be tailored to the customer's specifications. Technologically, due to their high availability, the page description languages Prescribe (Kyocera printers) and ZPL (ZEBRA printers) are employed. This makes it possible to print – including barcodes – without any additional software or drivers. This has the advantage that only the hardware has to be replaced in case of a break down.

As an alternative to the Kyocera solution, the List & Label printing solution with its graphic designer can be used.

Traceability is the central focus of the automotive industry when it comes to being able to quickly identify information from individual components.

The nemetris Traceability module, for example, can record serial numbers and includes the scan process for batch tracking. This allows a forward and backward analysis to be performed at any time. The type of data acquisition and the data contents in this area are often closely related to the integration of production and assembly. In addition to the serial and batch data, other data requiring verification are often stored here on a long-term basis. This can be the joining process, press values, camera checks, values from adjustments and measurements and much more.

The class model in the nemetris JIS software is the core element of production control. It describes the structure of the product to be manufactured based on key components for the production process. Variations can be assigned to the individual components which in turn can also be assigned different attributes for quality assurance (Poka-Yoke) and tolerances for process values. As a result, the feasibility can determined by using the EDI.
Because of the individual processes and the often defined assembly and production systems, there is also generally close coordination with customers using our experience to develop the optimal solution for the particular plant.

Key Functions for Production Control:

  • Production and Assembly Control
  • Integration of PLC communication for the machines and systems, including the visualization of them
  • Recording process values (e.g. the joining process and press values) and check the defined tolerances
  • Data preparation for the production process, for example like: warehouse management, pick-by-light configuration, Poka-Yoke or production control attributes
  • Pre-sequencing and order picking management
  • Preparation of assembly cards
  • Integration of batch pre-production
  • Control and supplying of sub-lines

The nemetris Replenishment System aids the manufacturing logistics by ensuring the availability of materials at the production line. As soon as the level of materials on reserve is getting low, replenishment orders are generated and transferred to a mobile scanner, e.g. to a forklift device. The connection processes of the systems monitors the availability of materials and automatically initiate replenishment orders

The optimized replenishment strategy guarantees a high availability of the goods at the workstations and lines, thus minimum effort for replenishment.

The nemetris JIS software offers an extensive amount of assistance for the shipment of produced modules and software support. This module features various possibilities to create a shipment, as well as performing completeness checks using scanner applications and automatically creating shipping advices and logistic papers. Naturally, a transfer of the corresponding information via EDI is taken into account here.

With the online production monitoring, all of the important figures from the JIS plant are displayed online. In addition to that, visual alarms are generated once a predefined threshold has been reached for a particular value. This makes it possible to undertake quick, preventive measures if a problem occurs in the production.

Here are some of our online monitors:

  • NOK Highlights
  • Production figures
  • Production process
  • Buffer monitoring
  • Sequence tracing
  • Shift reports

The available monitoring tools offer machine operators, shift supervisors, logistics specialists, plant managers and management extensive options to monitor the production and logistics. This, in turn, makes it possible to act and react in a timely manner to emergency situations and problems. With the customized user interface, the situation is user-specifically visualized, allowing for a quick overview of the current situation.

The nemetris Web Dashboard can be expanded at any time to increase the monitoring functions with extensive reports and visualizations.

Critical system errors are centrally displayed in the event monitor. The refresh frequency can be individually defined by each user. During normal operations, there are no error notifications in the monitor. When an error event occurs, a notification is visualized in the monitor. There are many options in how to respond to this notification. One option is to trigger an alarm system (audio and visual) for every error as well as for the particular production line when line specific errors occur. Another option is to send an e-mail or text messages (SMS) to defined recipients when a particular error occurs. The errors can be defined with help texts to assist in finding a solution to the problem quickly.

Data that has to be available in the system for a longer period of time has to be transferred from the productive database to long-term storage after a certain amount of time. This ensures the real-time availability of the productive database.
This data includes, for example, the process values from the module production or information about the module such as the serial number.
This data has to be removed from the productive database and transferred to a central long-term storage database based on specific criteria that has to be defined.

As a result of our long-standing partnership with our customers and partners, we have developed an important module for the data exchange between the nemetris JIS system and the machines and systems.
Integrating PLCs (programmable logic controllers) in the systems and machines requires a high degree of flexibility in the software.
Due to the sometimes highly complex product structure, and the high degree of variation, it is necessary to provide the production plant with all of the necessary data.
Since this data can come from both the ERP interface and from the EDI, the nemetris JIS software alone has all of the information and, because of this, it is an essential component of the entire system.
The nemetris solution is a highly flexible solution that is not limited to a specific format, helping to keep JIS project costs low.
The solution can be expanded at any time with the integration of smart devices.