nemetris JIS.

Integrated. Web-based. Graphical.

nemetris JIS is an integrated JIS system that maps the entire process from production, assembly and logistics!

Our experience.

Specialization in JIS - why is it so important:

  • Reduces risk in the project and in ongoing operations.
  • Optimizes implementation costs and also brings massive benefits in the context of TCO further down the line.
  • Can continue to control production as a stand-alone system even without an ERP connection. Thus, no separate emergency system is necessary.
  • Provides scalability and standardization for further installations, also internationally.
  • Enables efficient support models (24 hr support and 20-minute reaction time) for a highly critical process.

The advantages.


More as just JIS.

JIS is not just JIS, the demands on intralogistics, especially production and outbound logistics are constantly increasing.



nemetris supports the complex control of material flow, manufacturing and shipping.


Concise overview.

Particularly in production, complex, multi-stage manufacturing concepts have to be supported due to the diversity of models and variants.