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When one produces Just in Sequence solutions, one has to be able to handle the ever increasing requirements from OEMs. The supply chain has to work flawlessly so that every module is provided to the customer at just the right time and in correct sequence. This is precisely our core competence.

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Our competencies.

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There is often little time between the production-synchronous call and the broad range of finished products. Everything has to run smoothly and you have to react early to any errors that occur and reliably make the right decisions. Reliable, robust solutions are needed here to provide stable support for this process. There are various providers that deliver a suitable answer to this task with different approaches.
But what makes nemetris JIS so special? We have developed an integrated platform that maps the entire process from production, assembly and logistics. This provides our customers, in this highly critical area, with the necessary process competence and us with the security of supplying the customer with the highest level of reliability.



which optimally support exactly these specific application and relevant processes.



that builds a bridge between business and IT with competence and experience, showing the best way forward and implementing it.



that seamlessly and intelligently connects the increasingly complex worlds with each other.



which secures 24h access to specialists for such a critical process.

We enable companies,

to implement today's requirements and to turn tomorrow's visions into reality.
With our own innovative software solutions and know-how, we help companies with the digitalization of their industrial processes.
We provide our customers "hands-on" support – from the initial idea and implementation to the daily operations to help customers do their job reliably and better today, tomorrow and in the future.

Global customers are mainly automotive suppliers, machinery manufacturers, production companies and industrial service providers.
In addition, nementris has a comprehensive understanding of industrial processes and individual customer requirements.

Management Team.

Thomas Rukwid

Managing Director

Sebastian Glückert

Managing Director

Our Vision.

We as nemetris enable companies to implement today's requirements and to turn tomorrow's visions into reality.

Sebastian Glückert, Managing Director